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How Will Web Design Evolve In 2020?

The World Wide Web is viewed by some tech gurus as a construct that almost mimics a living organism. It is constantly evolving – and the individual websites themselves are subject to an ecosystem that rewards innovation – and competition for survival is fierce. On the cusp of 2020, what sort of trends can we expect in the continued evolution within this ecosystem?

There seems to be a consensus that one of the most important design trends will be the use of much darker shades for backgrounds. The reasoning behind this is clear -it is a matter of legibility. Dark backgrounds allow other elements of the design to stand out. The higher contrast leads to less eyestrain and allows companies to draw the visitor’s eye towards elements that they regard as essential messaging or links feeding the sales funnel.

Humanizing website design has long been a challenge. It is easy for companies hosting websites to fall into ‘cookie-cutter’ mode. The number of easy to use templates has meant that sites often begin to resemble each other. To stand out from the crowd companies will turn to hand-drawn elements, including icons. This leads to a quirky, more human experience for the visitor to the site. It has even been suggested that web designers will purposely aim for a more ‘messy’ appearance to sites.

It is also anticipated that a new raft of easy to use (and inexpensive) software design suites will see much more use of 3D visuals. These draw in the visitor to the site – and allow it to be unique – and standing out in a crowded marketplace is never a bad thing. Research indicates that ‘hyper-realistic’ 3D design also encourages visitors to stay longer on site – and with bounce rates being what they are – that can mean the difference between the success and failure of a business that relied upon a website to provide a steady stream of leads – or online buying behavior.

Web Design Ideas for 2020

Mixing it up may also play a huge part in web design in 2020 – and by mixing it up that means a combination of photography and other graphic elements. Again, this sort of approach allows a website to be unique – standing out from the crowd. In effect, the website begins to resemble a collage. It is tremendously versatile. The approach is suitable for more whimsical products or services – or more serious subject matter.

In contrast to the dark background approach, there seems to be increasing interest in the use of luminescent color treatments. This gives sites a more ‘futuristic look and feel’. The aim is to make a website seemingly glow. designers will be turning to colors such as blues and purples, with the occasional hot pink thrown in. Used in combination with darker elements give the impression of glow-in-the-dark neons. the increasingly common ultra-high-definition screens may have something to do with this trend. See more at –

Minimalism has been a feature of website design for some time, but users of the World Wide Web can expect to see web design that is incredibly uncluttered in 2020. The fact of the matter is that we can be overloaded with information – a minimalist approach – combined with a logical and clear navigation structure has much to offer the visitor to the site. We can expect to see much more use of video and voice, rather than graphic elements. this trend is also being driven by wearable smart devices and the rise of foldable phones. expect less to become more in 2020.

What is certain is that 2020 will be an exciting year for web design – not only for designers themselves but also for users of the Internet.